Dallas charities have a good day thanks to Restoring Love

July 31, 2012 by  

Friday July 27 was a good day for the charitable organizations of Dallas, thanks to the Restoring Love three day event organized by Glenn Beck. The event attracted more than 30,000 volunteers who worked across Dallas to offer their services to local charities and churches. A number of tasks were dealt with by the volunteers including painting fences, repairing wheelchairs and patching walls. A piano was tuned for a nursing home which didn’t have the necessary funds to pay for the service.

Operation Blessing was also helped by around 200 volunteers who put together food packages for families across Texas. Walls were painted along with other maintenance duties. Speaking to QMI Agency, the president of Operation Blessing Bill Horan said that the volunteers were extremely welcome, as they wouldn’t normally have the resources to undertake some of the tasks. One job was to split up a bag of beans which weighed 2000 lb into portions suitable for the family food packs. This would usually require extra resources which the organization just doesn’t have.

Friday was labelled a “day of service” by organizers of Restoring Love, with more than 200 organizations being helped by volunteers. Restoring Love culminated in a rally which was held at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night. The local printing company may have been contacted for their flyer printing services to publicize the event which would also feature an appearance by Glenn Beck. Organizers of the event hope that volunteers will carry on the work in their own communities.