Dallas brother gives the gift of life

January 12, 2013 by  

Isidro Guerrero, from Comanche, Texas, recently helped to save the life of his brother, Reynaldo by donating one of his kidneys.

The brothers say they have always been close but this experience has brought them even closer. According to Isidro, his brother Reynaldo saved his life when they were children, by stopping him from choking on candy. Isidro, aged 20 years old, is now a US marine and has donated a kidney to help his brother.

Reynaldo was not aware that he had a problem with his health until he applied to enter the military and had to undergo a physical. Some blood was taken to be tested and Reynaldo expected a call a couple of days later. When he received a call from the nurse the very next day, he was shocked to be told to go straight to ER. As Reynaldo felt healthy, he did not think it would be serious but was told he needed a transplant. The operation to transplant a kidney from Isidro to Reynaldo was scheduled at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Although Reynaldo had been on dialysis for nine months and would have been able to wait for a kidney to be donated by someone else for up to five years, Isidro wanted to help his brother. Local printing services may be used to publicize the need for more donors to come forward, helping someone else to live life to the fullest. Reynaldo is planning to help transplant and dialysis patients with his fitness training expertise.