Dallas 5K race is on the right track

September 19, 2012 by  

The annual 5K Mayor’s Race has received significant promotion from officials of the Dallas Marathon to encourage more people to take part and support the yearly event.

The race has been supported by the former Mayor of Dallas, Laura Miller, for the last ten years to help fight the city’s reputation as one of the fattest cities in the US by promoting this December 8 active event.

This year, the executor director of Dallas Marathon Marcus Grunewald has stated that the 5K race will become a significant race in Dallas in a premier event of the year. The organizers of the Mayor’s Race are expecting 4,000 runners from the Dallas Independent School District, both students and members of their families, taking part in addition to 1,000 people from the local area. The race will be held December 8, prior to the half marathon and marathon.

Prior to the race, Dallas ISD joins forces with the marathon to promote the race and organize a training program for the community, called ‘3 Months to 3 Miles’. Local flyer printing services will possibly be utilized in the promotion of the race and its training program. Mike Rawlings, the Mayor of Dallas spoke to students, along with city council representative Monica Alonzo, to promote the benefits of exercise and staying active. Miller, meanwhile, is a member of the marathon board, both as a representative of the city and to champion the fitness message. The course will include the Trinity Levee River Bridge.