Cowboys Stadium to host CAMO Dallas

February 18, 2013 by  

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Texas Rangers Ballpark recently welcomed Challenge America Military Opportunities (CAMO) – an initiative which offers support to veterans by the community.

Although the event was a huge success, and it was one of the largest community-based initiatives to be launched in the U.S., organizers say that more action is needed if veterans and military workers who are returning home are to receive the support they need.

The aim of the initiative was to help veterans and their families to have access to resources in the community, which will help them to make the transition back to a civilian life. Challenge America, an organization that concentrates on creating easily accessible support, focused mainly on health and wellbeing issues at the event.

Guest speakers, seminars, and symposiums were held and the event attracted almost 4,000 people. A picnic and a concert were provided by organizers. According to the CEO and founder of Challenge America, Houston Cowan there was three challenges for North Texas. The first was for North Texas residents to provide resources which would help veterans adjust to civilian life. The second challenge was to organizations serving veterans to work closely together and distribute resources effectively, and the third challenge was for veterans to seek the support and help they need.

The event may have been promoted using local brochure printers to provide information for everyone involved; the community, organizations, and veterans themselves. There will be four more events of this nature held in the U.S.