Company announces plans for Dallas bullet train

August 23, 2012 by  

Plans were announced last week for a new bullet train to run from Dallas to Houston. The news was announced by Texas Central High-Speed Railway, who says that the rail journey will take only 90 minutes. One person who was happy to hear the news was East Texas Corridor Council executive director Griff Hubbard, who stated that the group had spent years trying to get high-speed rail to Dallas from Longview.

By 2020, the Texan company is planning to implement bullet trains which will travel at 205 mph from Houston to the metroplex without any funding from the government. However, Hubbard stated that another generation will pass before East Texas trains could travel at these kinds of speeds. He believes that it will be achieved in stages, with the high-speed trains travelling at 80 Р110 mph coming first. He further points out that although trains traveling at 80 Р110 mph can travel on existing rights of way, bullet trains would need to travel under, over, or around roads and pedestrianized areas and not be able to cross tracks. The company’s president and former Harris County judge Robert Eckels stated that the high-speed rail system was designed to be profitable, serving the cities of Houston and Dallas before moving on to serve the whole of Texas.

As the project is to be privately funded, local brochure printers may be required to provide information of the planned high-speed rail system. According to Eckels, once the Dallas to Houston line is up and running, a second route from Austin to San Antonio is planned.