Bullet train station sites in the cards for Dallas

February 11, 2014 by  

Texas Central Railway, has plans to build a high-speed train capable of traveling 220 miles per hour.

Expecting to be operational by 2021, this private company is looking in the Union Station area for the new train’s Dallas station. Bill Meadows, who is the North Texas High-Speed Rail Commission’s chairman, said on February 5 that the company is considering extending the proposed Houston to Dallas line to include Arlington and Fort Worth. If and when the extension takes place, the logical location for the new station in Fort Worth is considered be at the T&P Station.

The first section of the new line, from Houston to Dallas, is anticipated to cost $10bn and be paid for with private funds. The next section would add a line to Arlington and Fort Worth and, in all likelihood, would follow closely on the heels of the first leg. The Arlington/Fort Worth part could be constructed atop the Interstate 30 right-of-way. The second section is estimated to cost an additional $4bn and may have to rely on federal or local funding.

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