Broadcaster sees young art programs in the area firsthand

March 31, 2013 by  

The first Tuesday in every month is geared up to welcome parents and their kids to the Dallas Museum of Art for the Early Learning program, which had a visit from broadcaster CBS this month.

The head of the program, Leah Hanson, welcomes children aged five or below to take part in art projects, using colored pencils to create their own landscape. If children would rather play at dressing up, they can use clothes provided before posing for a photograph.

Children also study a separate art piece, which may inspire them to create their own work of art. One of the art pieces previously used was a sculpture made using pipe cleaners, feathers, and cardboard. The museum possibly promotes the art sessions using local flyer printing services. New catalogs may have been produced using local services for catalog printing, to demonstrate the availability for children and some of their exhibits.

This is one of a number of music groups and museums which are located in the Dallas Arts District and currently offer free sessions for children on specified days each month. Although research has indicated that children benefit from being exposed to art in all forms, not all parents have sufficient knowledge to provide the opportunities. Some of the events on offer even include toddlers.

Other venues in the area provide similar sessions for children, including the Crow Collection and the Nasher Sculpture Center, which offer sessions on a Saturday. Families in the Texas area can also attend special concerts provided by the Dallas Opera and the Dallas Symphony.