A-Kon returns to Dallas

March 7, 2012 by  

On June 1 to June 3, Dallas will see the return of the A-Kon XXIII, a large scale anime convention that has rocked the very foundation of Dallas for over 22 years.

The event will be hosted at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Downtown Dallas. During this time, an overwhelming number of fans will flock to the Sheraton’s doors to gain access to the convention if they haven’t already pre-registered months before. The convention will showcase many new issues of up and coming graphic novels as well as host guest panels for fans of favorite shows and novels. When the sun sets, the concerts start, starring popular Japanese music artists that have flown to Dallas just to entertain the guests of A-Kon, and the fun doesn’t stop there.

Each year, small and large business owners in the comic-book industry have reserved booths, tables, and rooms for the event in hopes of giving their sales that little nudge they need. This year, just like every year before, printing companies will be hard at work to make sure that the latest novels, manga, and comic-books are printed and spot on in time for A-Kon, and it doesn’t even stop there, for word needs to get out that these spectacular things are happening. Posters are possibly the best way to advertise, short of a billboard, and these will be hung up all over Dallas and the city’s outskirts. For most events, poster printing can carry a thousand customers to their doors. Anybody that keeps their eye out will note the colorful ads all over the city, and so they may find themselves at the threshold of a world of alternative entertainment.