Postal carriers take part in Stamp Out Hunger drive

May 8, 2012 by  

Postal carriers in Conroe, Texas, will take part in the Stamp Out Hunger drive on May 12th this year, aiming to collect more food than ever in its 20 year history. The National Association of Letter Carriers will work together with Campbell’s Soup Company to help stop the hunger felt by millions of people in the US who struggle to feed their families.

The yearly food drive has been in place for 20 years this year, going from being a regional drive to becoming a national effort. Every year, the second Saturday in May sees the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive become more successful.

Feeding America, which is the largest organization that helps relieve hunger in domestic situations, will benefit from the Stamp Out Hunger Drive which is the largest one day food drive in the US. Around 70.2 million pounds of food was donated by American citizens in 2011 nationwide.

This was the eighth year in a row that over 70 million pounds of food was picked up by letter carriers on their rounds. In Montgomery County 2011, the postal carriers picked up almost 21,000 pounds of food which had been donated.

The drive will be publicised widely before the day, using the services of local printing companies nationwide for poster printing, ensuring donations continue to increase annually. Residents are asked to leave a bag of food which is non-perishable outside their door on May 12th. Postal carriers will then deliver the food to the Montgomery County Food Bank.