Open Ride Night to take place in Conroe

June 22, 2013 by  

The distinct taste of freedom that wets the lips of those riding a horse into the open range cannot be imitated or explained. Instead, it is an experience that everyone should participate in at least once in their lives.

Of course, the thrill of riding in an open field can only be matched by that of taking a lap around a packed stadium. The community of Conroe, in Texas, has set up an event for this purpose.

Taking place on July 31st in the Lone Star Convention & Expo Center, the Open Ride Night gives a two hour opportunity for horse owners and their friends to ride in a stadium setting. This is an extremely unique and thrilling chance for Conroe equine enthusiasts.

The large floor space available during Open Ride Night allows the arena to host the huge numbers of riders that are expected to flock from all parts of the community. There will also be concessions and non-riding attendees, which makes this as much of a community event as it is a horse ride.

Vendors will work with local printing companies to produce materials to market their booths. Banner printing is a practical and effective method of noting the name of the vendor and their basic information. Printed on heavy vinyl, banners are sturdy and can last for years despite being taken out to many events throughout the year.

The event is expected to provide a great opportunity for Conroe residents to mix and mingle with their neighbors, make new friends, and discover the joys of riding.