Lemonade for Literacy makes an impact in Conroe

May 31, 2013 by  

The Woodlands Children’s Museum held a Lemonade Day earlier in the month to promote literacy for children in the Conroe, Texas area. Students managed to earn over $500, which will now go towards the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

The event took place in the form of a free educational program for the community which supports financial literacy for kids. It involved teaching children in grades K-12 how to start their own business, in this case, a lemonade stand.

Prepared4Life, a non-profit organization based in Houston, began the program and it is well-received throughout the region as children learn about expenses, marketing, profit, and other general concepts in running a business.

The organization believes America was built by small business enterprises taking risks while putting their dreams into effect. Today, it believes it is more critical than ever to teach youngster how to take responsibility and act upon their ambitious dreams.

As the children learn the concepts of business, they will soon see how important working with a local printing company is in preparing necessary materials. Flyer printing is a mainstay for companies in promoting their businesses and the children can see how to use print tools effectively.

Founder Michael Holthouse felt the desire in 2007 to empower the nation’s youth into learning about entrepreneurship, so he founded Lemonade Day which is now a national organization. Today, the organization has grown to 150,000 kids throughout 36 cities in North America, so those at the Woodlands Children’s Museum can be proud of their efforts as part of the program.