Conroe residents get a chance to embrace the Renaissance

August 19, 2013 by  

The largest Renaissance ‘theme park’ in the country, the Texas Renaissance Festival will open its doors in the Conroe region on the weekends later this year. It will also be open to student tours during school days for a select period.

The venue is a 55 acre village springing to life in European themed weekends spreading out over eight weeks. Performers in full costume will entertain daily as visitors watch in awe at the realistic setting. Cobblestone walkways meander throughout the venue, with nearly 400 ‘shoppes’ offering creative arts and crafts. Food and beverage vendors will also be present, offering recreated food of the renaissance period.

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In keeping with the 16th century theme, human-powered rides will be available to delight and amaze children of all ages. Other games requiring various skills will be available, too.

At the end of each busy day, fireworks will burst into the sky over the Festival’s lake.

The Festival will be open between October 12 and December 1. Student tours are welcomed on school days in November.

Tickets may be purchased by phone or online, with various prices available. Visit the Texas Renaissance Festival website for complete details and contact information.