Conroe High School the site for Relay for Life of Conroe

February 1, 2013 by  

The Relay for Life of Conroe will take place this May at the Conroe High School. A global initiative supported by the American Cancer Society, the evening aims to raise money to fund ongoing research and raise awareness of the goal to end cancer.

The opening ceremony kicks off with a high-energy rally to celebrate the lives of cancer patients and to encourage hope for ongoing progress. A message given out is that in order to win the battle, it is essential that cancer is fought continuously.

The next phase will be the ‘Survivors Lap’, which consists of lively music playing as cancer survivors make the first lap on track while being cheered and supported by participants and attendees.

Following the Survivors Lap is the ‘Caregivers Lap’ in honor and support of anyone who has taken care of cancer patients. When possible, the caregivers walk the track alongside the friends and family members they have helped.

The beautiful Luminaria Ceremony will follow this, giving people time to reflect on the loved ones they have lost to cancer and support those currently fighting the disease.

As midnight strikes, the ‘Fight Back’ ceremony will represent the emotional involvement and commitment people make to continue to put forth efforts to fight cancer and save lives.

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The event will take place over May 3, beginning at 7:00 pm.