Conroe has higher education in its sight

December 5, 2013 by  

Presented by the Concerned Citizens Organization, a college scholarship seminar will be hosted in January for junior and high school students. Called ‘ On My Way Out’, it will be held at Oscar Johnson Jr. Community Center in Conroe, Texas.

Scheduled for a half-day, parents and students will be invited to attend and receive information on scholarships, student loans, and grants. College life and other pertinent information will be presented for discussion among those with children transitioning into college life.

Younger students in junior high are also encouraged to attend with their parents to get a glimpse into the college scene. The event was held last year and was deemed a huge success, with parents pleased with the format and opportunities presented.

An influential entity, the Conroe Concerned Citizens Organization is dedicated to the community with a goal of “enhancing and empowering” the local residents and families. The aim is achieved through improving neighborhoods, creating civic awareness, and developing cultural interest and participation. Emphasizing taking responsibility for the community is also a focus.

The organization awards a scholarship for academic success to a selected graduate from Conroe High School each year, which is presented publicly at the Conroe High School Awards Ceremony.

Flyer printing is frequently the chosen method for communicating local events like this one. Flyers can be printed in full color or black and white and distributed throughout the region.

The college seminar will be presented on January 25 at 10:00 am. Visit the event website for more information and details regarding all events presented by the Conroe Concerned Citizens Organization.