Dog vaccines available at local grocery store

April 6, 2012 by  

According to recent data, $51 billion was spent on pets by doting owners in the US during 2011, and that figure is expected to rise by at least $1 billion in 2012. Owners can purchase everything they need for their pets, including dog vaccinations at a local Walgreen’s pharmacy spotted by Linda Austin, executive director of Reynolds Center.

Vet care accounts for half the yearly spending on pets, along with over the counter medication and supplies other than food. Pet pharmacy is a growing industry, with pets being prescribed a variety of medication from pain relief for joint problems to meds which calm their nerves. Owners can even book their pets into a spa for a relaxing treat, perhaps at Cedar Park’s Premier Pet Resort and Day Spa. Details of local pet spas and other services for pets are frequently found on display at veterinary practices, which make use of their local poster printing services to adorn their walls.

According to a report from IBISWorld, online sales are soaring as a result of pet owners looking for convenience, which is good news for the recession. Austin also mentions that she has spotted a number of daily deals for pet products, including food, health care and grooming. Pet products appear to offer a solution to all possible problems, including nutritional health. Just as a human would take vitamin drinks, an article in Veterinary Practice News gives details of dietary products which are designed to help ailments like obesity or even kidney problems.