Cedar Park resident saves boy’s life

August 6, 2012 by  

A Cedar Park resident, who had just returned from service with the US Navy, saved the life of a three-year-old boy in an act of outstanding bravery.

Shavaire Griggs, 23, performed CPR on the boy for almost 10 minutes until, eventually, he started to breathe. The boy’s family wants to retain anonymity, although it is grateful to the neighbor for his actions, which saved the infant’s life.

Griggs had just completed his four years with the US Navy, which included a tour of Afghanistan. On July 20, the pool in the neighborhood was extremely busy due to the hot weather, with a number of parents and their children in attendance. The boy was spotted on the floor of the pool, lifeless, and a local woman named Leslie pulled him out of the pool. Griggs, who was with his mother Marion Brown, rushed forward to administer CPR. He had firsthand experience of how crucial his skills could be, as his own two-year-old brother had drowned.

Brown said that she was immensely proud of her son, who carried on with CPR amidst the chaos around the pool. Thankfully, the boy has recovered fully and his family sends thanks to Griggs while remaining anonymous. Doctors attributed the outcome to the CPR skills of Griggs, who is hoping that more people will learn CPR skills. It is possible that the information could be included on local literature, using the flyer printing services of a local print company in an attempt to encourage local residents to become CPR certified.