Cedar Park celebrates 40 years

March 15, 2013 by  

Cedar Park Texas recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its incorporation, which officially occurred on February 24, 1973.

The City Council meeting, which took place in a hall close to full capacity, spent the first hour looking back on the last 40 years. A private breakfast was held for officials who had been elected from the past and the present day. The Mayor, Matt Powell, offered his congratulations on the 40 years since the incorporation took place.

The celebrations started by recognizing staff and city officials who had been present over the last four decades. The Mayor spoke of his enlightenment at the gathering, as people present went through the steps that had led to the current Cedar Park. Mayor Powell also added that everyone, including the residents of Cedar Park had played a role in making the community what it is today.

A proclamation was presented by state Rep. Tony Dale, who had previously been a member of the city council until November 2012. He was then elected as representative for District 136, a newly created district. According to the proclamation, the population of Cedar Park has risen from a lowly 700 to about 54,000 people in the last 40 years.

The proclamation offered Cedar Park its hopes for further success on behalf of the 83rd Texas Legislature. The meeting and its resultant celebrations may have benefited local print companies as they were called on for their banner printing services to help promote the 40th celebrations.