Thousands volunteering for Kids’ Day of Service

September 3, 2013 by  

Whole Foods Market has organized a selection of events throughout the first two weeks in September, to carry out community services and educate children on how to eat healthy foods.

The first Kids’ Day of Service commenced on September 1 in Austin, with events lasting till September 14. Over 350 non-profit organizations and schools will take part in the events, partnering with Whole Foods Market stores around the U.S. Over 19,000 people will be taking part, giving something back to their local community.

According to the marketing coordinator for Whole Foods Market, Heather Larrabee, the company is amazed at the number of volunteering opportunities discovered by their stores around the U.S. In addition to working together on projects in the local community, everyone will enjoy a salad lunch and Whole Trade Guaranteed bananas.

The events have been set up to honor the Whole Kids Foundation, which aims to make it easier to access nutritional foods, especially for schoolchildren, by providing salad bars in school and giving grants for gardens. Nutritional education is also provided for teachers. Activities will include clearing community gardens, bathing dogs at the local no-kill shelter, and collecting fresh fruit and veg for the local food bank.

The events will all be promoted locally with the help of local flyer printing services, giving details of the events and where they will be held. More companies have come forward to work together with Whole Foods Market during the two weeks, providing equipment and help around the country.