Postcards being sent to increase photo ID compliance

January 20, 2014 by  

According to the Austin American Statesman, many Travis County voters will soon, if they have not already, receive notification in the mail concerning their voter registration. The Secretary of State’s office flagged these voters for failing to have identification that matched their voter registration name. Travis County officials are prepared to send out 37,000 postcards who did not meet the criteria under Texas’s new voter ID law.

Not all recipients of the postcards are without proper ID as some of them may hold another state ID or have a valid Texas driver license with a minor name discrepancy. Although the mailing will cost several thousand dollars, Bruce Elfant, Travis County voter registrar, feels it is, “…it is probably the most responsible thing we can do.”

A postcard printing is less expensive than sending letters which is why many communities use them for contacting their residents when privacy is not an issue. The wording of the postcards is still being determined but will contain information about obtaining a proper picture ID.

The U.S. Justice Department requested the Texas Secretary of State establish how many voters across the state lack proper ID. This occurred as a result of a Texas law passed in 2011 requiring a state-approved picture ID be shown prior to voting. Although the number arrived upon was 37,000, it is understood that number is not totally accurate, due to county residents using alternative acceptable photo ID such as passports or military ID.