Pecan Street Festival creates nutty fun

October 6, 2013 by  

The biannual Pecan Street Festival took place on the last weekend of September, attracting thousands of visitors to the area. More than 275 vendors specializing in arts & crafts were present at the event, displaying and selling their homemade crafts. The festival also presented live music and a diverse selection of food from around the world.

Pecan Street Festival has its origins in 1978 when it was founded by the Old Pecan Street Association. Since 2006, the event has been successfully managed by Special Events Live, which donates a percentage of the profits from the festival to local charities.

According to Luis Zapata, the executive chair of Special Events Live, the event is “a very democratic festival”. Zapata adds further that the festival has a community feel, where people from all income brackets, ages, and ethnic groups can get together in an artistic environment. For new comers to Austin and its biannual festival, the huge crowds can be overwhelming and veteran Linda Bryant offers advice on how to prepare for the event. Bryant owns a tie-dye shop and says that vendors have to take sufficient merchandise to cope with the demand for goods.

Although the event is good for local businesses, most vendors will have to rely on other forms of marketing throughout the year, possibly including local stationery printers to produce good quality promotional materials. In 2012, the festival drew crowds of over 200,000 people each day, with even more people turning up this year.