Hard-to-home dogs given second chance by Austin shelter

June 5, 2012 by  

A new program, which was launched to give unwanted dogs a second chance at being rehomed, has reached almost 100 adoptions in under 12 months. The Hard Luck Hounds program was launched last September, part of the Friends of the Austin Animal Center. The idea originated at the original Austin Animal Center, as dogs that were adoptable were being euthanized.

At the original shelter, around 40 to 60 percent of animals at the shelter were euthanized. David Pasztor and other volunteers wanted to give the dogs a second chance and reduce this number dramatically. The newly-built Austin Animal Center has a no-kill policy, which means that the percentage of animals euthanized can’t exceed 10 percent. Permission is required from the animal center for the Hard Luck Hounds program to be able to help one of their dogs find a home. Pasztor and the volunteers try to help the dogs which are least likely to be adopted and most likely to be euthanized. Pasztor said:

“We launched the first week of last September. It was just me with a T-shirt and 10 information sheets on the animals. The first day, we adopted out Jake, the longest-stay dog at the shelter that day.”

Printing services of local companies are used for low-cost flyer printing, which displays the details of all dogs looking for their permanent home. Recipients of these flyers will hopefully be persuaded to take on a dog. Although the volunteers accept that it may be harder to place their dogs, to reach 100 adoptions is a heart-warming achievement.