Frag for Cancer reaches 10-year anniversary

August 18, 2013 by  

A video games enthusiast from Halifax in Nova Scotia is preparing to celebrate 10 years of fundraising.

Yazeed Sobaih became involved with raising money for cancer research while still at Dalhousie University, which is when he founded Frag for Cancer, a yearly gaming tournament.

Give To Live, which Sobaih completed a student placement with, is also based in Halifax and organizes bike rides across the country to raise money for family support and cancer research. The organization also covers a major event called The Big Ride, which covers around 5,000 kilometres. The Big Ride starts at Halifax and travels to Austin, Texas, with various routes taken on the way.

The bike rides take two weeks to complete, with participants facing challenges along the way but also meeting new friends. According to Sobaih, the people who take part in the challenges are not trained for the event, but are often looking for something outside their comfort zones. Todd McDonald and Ashley Ward founded Give To Live in 2007 and now each rider aims to help the Canadian Cancer Society by raising $5,000 each.

Frag for Cancer started with Sobaih and a group of friends getting together to play two computer games, Super Smash Bros and Halo, with $100 being raised. Every year more people take part in the tournaments and over the last decade, the group has raised more than $60,000. Flyer printing services may be in demand as promotion of the annual event travels further afield.