Children’s charities to benefit from Grand Prix tourism

May 3, 2012 by  

Charities which are based on children and youths in Texas will benefit in 2012 as the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix arrives in Austin, November 16 to 18. A collaboration between Hotels for Hope and Circuit of the Americas will raise money from the hotel rooms booked by travelers coming to watch the Grand Prix.

The 2012 Grand Prix will be the first since 2007 to be held in the US, with Circuit of the Americas hosting the event. As travelers make their reservations using the official website for the Circuit of the Americas, a donation will be generated automatically and go towards funds for two charities which offer support to children and their families. A program is in the development stage in the Del Valle Independent School District which will receive donations made to Austin area Boys and Girls Clubs.

The total amount raised is expected to be significant as thousands of motorsport fans and enthusiasts will be flocking to the area for the 2012 Grand Prix. Local companies will be seeking the services of a local printer to outsource their banner printing services, as the area benefits from the increased tourism. Hotels which are taking part in the fund raising will donate $1 per night for each room booked, while Hotels for Hope will match the amount donated.
Neil Goldman, owner and founder of Hotels for Hope said:

“We look forward to helping guests plan for their trip to Central Texas while raising funds and awareness for two very special organizations that help local kids lead healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.”