Carino’s fundraising for Autism awareness month

April 2, 2012 by  

Italian family restaurant Carino’s has pledged to donate $1 for each kids’ meal sold during the National Autism Awareness Month. Participating restaurants, including Carino’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, aim to sell 50,000 kids’ meals during April to reach their goal of $50,000. 2012 is the third year in a row that Carino’s have raised money for research into autism and to support the families involved.

The Autism Society and Autism Speaks will both benefit from the fundraising efforts of Carino’s, sharing the proceeds equally. Carino’s website will be turned blue, as support for the campaign organised by Autism Speaks, “Light it up Blue”.”Carino’s Autism Champions” will also be celebrated in collaboration with the Autism Society. The champions are volunteers for the local community of Carino’s restaurants, who tirelessly work to promote awareness of autism, education, research and resources. The services of local printing companies may also be required for the promotion of events like Autism Awareness Month.

The CEO of Carino’s Italian, Creed Ford III said of the event that many of the employees, staff members and guests of Carino’s had been touched by this growing epidemic in some form. He continued to explain that the business were proud supporting the two charities in their endeavours to research more about the disorder. At the present time, autism affects 1 in 110 children across the country. These charities learn more about the disorder but also support the families in need of financial help.

The restaurant chain offers gluten-free meals for all diners, and all kids’ meals have 500 calories or less.