Campaign launched in Austin to promote train safety awareness

August 5, 2012 by  

An awareness campaign has been launched by Union Pacific and Operation Lifesaver to promote awareness of safety on and around Austin railroads.

I Brake for Trains is a campaign which will encourage pedestrians and drivers to be cautious when approaching rail tracks. The superintendent for Union Pacific, Mike Brazytis emphasizes the fact that a train can be travelling for one mile before it comes to a stop, whereas drivers and pedestrians can stop relatively quickly.

Messages displayed in Austin will read “use your brain around trains” and will be displayed on internet ads, played on the radio and shown on billboards. Local poster printing and banner printing services may be used to promote awareness of the campaign effectively. The campaign is expected to reach millions of people who will hopefully take notice and use caution when crossing rail tracks.

According to figures released by the Federal Railroad Administration, 31 people died in Texas last year due to rail related incidents. Collisions between vehicles and trains resulted in 16 deaths in 2011. Advice has been issued by the campaign and will be shown in online ads. These tips include not speeding up to beat the train, use public crossings to get across tracks and look both ways before crossing train tracks. According to the state co-ordinator for Operation Lifesaver, Sally Tingle the information and advice provided by the campaign could result in lives being saved. The campaign will also be publicized at summer festivals and concerts to further raise awareness of train safety.