Austin residents take part in electric car study

November 6, 2012 by  

A study is being carried out by Pecan Street Inc., to observe the effect of using electric cars on the national power grid. The study is being conducted in a neighborhood in Austin, Texas, as General Motors state that there are more drivers of electric cars in the Mueller neighborhood than elsewhere in the US. The main type of electric car to be seen is a Chevy Volt.

According to Pecan Street’s executive director, Brewster McCracken, the electric cars can be compared to air conditioning for load-size. He also explained that the study would identify any reliability problems caused by using the cars.

The use of electric cars would be monitored, especially as their popularity grows. A number of residents in the neighborhood were eager to test the electric cars, receiving a $7,500 rebate towards the purchase of a new Chevy Volt and the installation of a smart meter as incentive.

Dennis and Carole Mick have volunteered to be part of the study, believing that the electric car is part of changes that need to happen. After four months of use and travelling 4,600 miles, the Micks had only used three gallons of gas.

As more people become interested in the purchase of electric cars, local printers may be consulted about their catalog printing service, to provide in depth detail for customers. The study will continue for the next five years, with participants hoping that other states in the US will benefit from what they have learned.