Apple’s Operations Center in Austin is move-in ready

February 26, 2014 by  

It has been reported on the AppleInsider website that the company has completed the initial stage of its Americas Operations Center in Austin. After spending a little over $27m the buildings are move-in ready.

The Austin Business Journal issued a report, complete with photos, about the two new buildings at the Apple site. According to that publication, certificates of occupancy have been issued by Austin city officials.

These two structures hold office space of approximately 290,000 square feet. As large as that might sound, it is only a little more than 25% of the campus’ expected one million square feet at completion.

The project was announced in 2012. Last October the AppleInsider ran a detailed article about how the work on the site was progressing. Now, in February 2014, the final touches such as the linking of the new buildings via central plaza and installing vehicle-stopping bollards are being finalized.

It is estimated that this facility will be completely operational by the fourth quarter of 2021 with a final cost of $304m. Apple’s workforce, once the whole campus is operational, is expected to double what it is now, making a total of 3,600 employees.

An expansion of the workforce in one area benefits businesses in a variety of other sectors in the area. For instance, new employees often mean an increase in business card printing for local printing companies.