Recycling challenge championed by Texas students

November 7, 2013 by  

A number of students from Texas Tech University have helped to recycle over 250 tons of waste materials, it was revealed last week.

During the 12 months to August 2013, 12 students have helped University Student Housing to collect materials for recycling and sort through the bags. According to data released by University Student Housing, $92,480.26 has been saved in electricity costs, while $37,217.66 has been recuperated in yards of landfill.

One of the student assistants from Allen, Brandi Baker is quoted in the Daily Toreador as saying that some students at the university may not realize just how much effort is put into the recycling by staff. According to Baker, many of the students place unwashed materials into recycling containers so that assistants are working with dirty materials.

Texas Tech University is just one of the schools taking part in Game Day Challenge, when the aim is to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible at every game. At one of the earlier events of the year, staff poured drinks into cups so that the cans could be immediately placed into a recycling bin.

Any profit made from the recycling is given back to the students in the form of Housing and Hospitality Scholarships. The University Student Housing unit manager, Jackie Kimbler said that the hardest part is to inform other students and to raise awareness of the recycling challenge.

A flyer printing service provided by a local print company would no doubt raise awareness while maintaining low costs. The recycling challenge has grown this year and Kimbler intends to increase its popularity among students.