Miss Texas moves to Allen Event Center

April 1, 2012 by  

The annual Miss Texas pageant will be moving to Allen after spending half a century in Tarrant County. Between June 30 and July 7 the competition will take place at the Allen Event Center for the first time, hoping to draw up to 2000 visitors into the Texas city. The event will boost tourism for Allen, while raising the profile of the events center.

According to Karen Cromwell, the director of the convention and visitor’s bureau in Allen, half a million dollars will be raised by the extra occupancy of hotels and income from sales taxes. Cromwell further added that visitors who spend their money in Allen during the event will be boosting the local budget for maintenance of the event center and parks. Other cities competed against Allen for the opportunity to host the pageant, which made it more of a challenge for Allen. The sponsorship money was raised by various partners of the city, which has less available funding than the larger competitors.

Originally, the Miss Texas competition was launched as a way to provide opportunities for young women in Texas, on a personal and professional level. The winner of the Miss Texas pageant goes on to represent Texas at the Miss America event in 2013.

Rather than being limited to the usual number of tickets which is around 2200, the event has been given an allocation of 8,100 allowing them to reduce prices and offer family ticket deals. The lead up to the event will see a lot of poster printing to inform people of the change to the venue and the lower prices, attracting families and individuals from all areas.