Crowds avoid Thanksgiving rush with a state park break

December 9, 2012 by  

Thanksgiving tradition followed by the madness of Black Friday was avoided by many this year, as they headed for the state parks to spend time with their family getting back to nature.

According to Martin Creek Lake State Park’s manager, Lee Roberts, a number of families like to escape the crowds at Thanksgiving to “get away from it all”. One resident of Allen, Brandon Cardwell, said that it was the first time his family had camped out at Thanksgiving and he intended to repeat the experience.

Roberts stated that usually families arrived the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, but this year a number had arrived for the holiday itself. He also pointed out that the park would be deserted on Sunday as everyone left for home. The Cardwell family decided to make the camping trip a tradition as 20 members of the family got together at the state park from various parts of Texas. The family, from grandparents to great grandchildren, all relaxed while family members taking it in turns to cook over a camp fire.

However, some of the campers who have always gone away during Thanksgiving were not so happy with the crowds. The Lusk family usually books a campsite at the last minute but this year found that only three campsites were available over Thanksgiving. State Parks all over the US will no doubt be increasing their orders with local brochure printers as requests for their holiday brochures increase.