Co-op offers natural food options for Texas people

April 3, 2013 by  

A food co-op set up by Micah and Krista Grant has become so popular that it now has drop off points in Allen, north Fort Worth, and Oak Cliff.

The seafood and meat based co-op is based in Arlington, Texas, originally started in the garage of the Grants. Three years ago, the couple decided to eat healthily as they were expecting their first child. ‘Farm to Fork: A Natural Food Co-op’ now has around 550 families on its email list, and the Facebook page of the food co-op has nearly 1,200 followers.

The idea behind Farm to Fork is that people can buy meat and some other products that are locally sourced and free from man-made enhancements like hormones. All suppliers of the food products are evaluated by the Grants. For example, the beef supplied has to be grass-finished, which means that the cow would never be fed antibiotics, hormones or grain. Processing of food takes place in licensed facilities and is state inspected, which is reflected on the packaging. The slogan of the co-op is “Real Food for Real People”, and the couple has established firm partnerships with a number of food suppliers, ensuring the quality of the food.

As the popularity of the co-op increases, the Grants may have to consider approaching the local brochure printers to produce details of the meat, seafood, and other products on offer. The business is getting much busier now, which means that the couple may have to consider hiring a some additional employees.