After Prom fundraising underway

February 26, 2014 by  

Prom time is creeping up on us, and the Allen H.S. After Prom committee is launching its fundraising drive. The annual event is designed to allow Seniors and their dates to have an enjoyable and safe night.

After Prom started in 1993 to give students a safer alternative to the drinking and risky behavior sometimes associated with prom night. Every year, parents of the Allen High Senior class assumes the responsibility of putting together an all-night After Prom party that is both drug and alcohol free.

The event has proved successful, with more than 85% of the Senior class attending After Prom in past years. Attendance of After Prom is not dependent on going to the Prom, and all Seniors and their dates are welcome. The chaperoned event costs $15 per ticket and provides entertainment and food, as well as scholarships and prizes.

The cost to put on After Prom is substantial, coming in at around $53,000. While some of the money comes from ticket sales, most comes from donations and fundraising. The After Prom committee works hard to raise enough money to keep the ticket price down so the cost does not stand in the way of students attending. Donations can take the form of money, but can also be food, prizes, or gift cards.

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