Birdwatching extravaganza to fly into Tucson

July 24, 2013 by  

Nature lovers will soon be gathering in Tucson to enjoy the sights and sounds of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and learn about conservation efforts.

Next month, the city’s Riverpark Inn will serve as the headquarters of the third annual Bird and Wildlife Festival. The demand for postcard printing may be increasing as souvenir shops in the area prepare to see more business from tourists.

The festival will include several field trips to the ‘Sky Islands’ – a group of neighboring mountain chains that are separated by areas of desert terrain and grassland. Attendees will peer through their binoculars as tour guides point out various species of birds and other animals that are native to the region.

Some of the trips will last half a day, while others will run from morning until sunset. One excursion to the Sky Islands, entitled the ‘Birding Cup’, will be 24 hours long. During this competition, participants will work in teams and attempt to see and hear the largest number of birds.

The series of events will also feature two formal dinners, during which guest speakers will discuss environmental responsibility and the cultural roles birds have played in American society. In addition, attendees will be able to attend several workshops related to the birding pastime and interact with birds and reptiles at a Nature Expo.

The Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival will begin on Wednesday, August 14, and continue through Sunday, August 18. Fees for individual activities will vary, although the Nature Expo will be free.

Those who wish to attend any of the events may call (520) 629-0510 to make reservations.