New kind of medical clinic opens in Tempe

December 13, 2018 by  

The Safeway on Broadway near Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe is now the home to an artificial intelligence (AI) medical station that is one of the first in Arizona.

Students from ASU worked with the Akros Med Clinic, a frontrunner in the areas of telemedicine and urgent care, and Safeway so that these medical clinics could be brought to stores throughout the state. Director of pharmacy at the Akos Med Clinic, Joe Leyba, said that this medical station is special, innovative, and will enable people to have greater access to medical care.

The clinic uses a computer screen and some medical devices approved by the FDA. Augmented Reality is used to guide the user through steps to collect data about the user which is followed by a series of questions to gather all the needed information for a diagnosis. An Akros provider receives the complete patient workup electronically. A video consultation follows where the patient and provider engage in a discussion about treatment options and plans.

CEO and founder of Akros, Kishlay Anand, said that the clinic and the app bring medical care to the community quickly and easily and help to avoid many hours waiting in an emergency department.

These kinds of developments can be publicized through the use of promotional products so that people become aware of their readily availability for the community.