Brazilian festival returning to Scottsdale venue

August 18, 2013 by  

Scottsdale residents are invited to get a taste of South American culture by attending a family-friendly celebration close to home next month.

Early in September, the city’s performing arts center will be hosting the fourth annual Brazilian Day festival. The demand for stationery printing may be rising as the organizers of this event get in touch with its vendors and sponsors.

The festival will be held in recognition of the day Brazil achieved independence from Portugal in 1822. It is the largest celebration of its kind in the state of arizona and is expected to draw thousands of attendees.

Visitors of ages will gather to enjoy performances from a variety of Brazilian singers and dancers. This year’s line-up will include live entertainment from the musical group Boca Do Rio and the Stilo and Fuzaca dance companies. Lili de Peixinhos, a native of northeastern Brazil, will also be on hand to offer a rendition of her country’s national anthem.

Attendees will be able to participate in a number of activities, such as martial arts, drum playing, and Afro-Brazilian dancing lessons. They will have the opportunity to sample traditional foods and drinks from Brazil as well.

Brazilian Day will take place on Saturday September 7. It will run from 12:30pm until 6:00pm.

Tickets will cost $12 for those aged 11 and older and $5 for younger children. Discounts are available for attendees who pre-order multiple tickets.

The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is located at 7380 East Second Street. Prospective attendees may call (602) 518-4145 for more information.