Pets depicted by Arizona artists

August 30, 2012 by  

Being held at the Arizona Museum for Youth located at 35 N. Robson Street in Mesa, Arizona, the ‘Extreme Pets’ exhibit will soon be available for viewing during normal business hours.

The focus of the exhibit is on the animals that bring their human counterparts the joy of caring for them, as they take on the responsibility and expense in lives that may already be filled with hectic schedules. These are people who treat their animals as part of their families and love and cherish them, whether they are hamsters, dogs, cats, or more exotic animals.

The artisans featured in this exhibition seek to capture this unconditional look between pets and their owners and provide an artistic look at this relationship. Colors and styles used in this exhibit are designed to create emotion, with the bright and vivid use of color sure to make the viewing audience smile with appreciation and longing. Animals of every type are featured in this exhibition, featuring images from a wide variety of artists, including Brooklyn and Dean Russo. This exhibit is a must-see for any animal lover and is likely to amuse the kids as well.

The first chance to see the exhibit will be this Sunday, September 2, and it continues until September 9. Poster printing, flyer printing, and brochure printing may have been used to promote this exciting exhibition to the public. Admission is free and everyone is invited to attend. To learn more about this display, please visit the Arizona Museum for Youth website or call the museum.