Mesa sparks into life with celebration of creativity

March 20, 2014 by  

The Mesa Arts Center has just commenced its holding of ‘spark!’, which seeks to bring out creativity among all age groups.

The idea behind spark!, as its name implies, is to ignite highly innovative and unique forms of artistic expression among people who live in the community.

This year’s Festival of Creativity will include the Austin Bike Zoo (which will be showing off its 80-foot rideable bike that resembles a rattlesnake), costumed stilt-walking, and a zoo full of ‘Weaving the Wild’ characters. There will also be spoken word and hip-hop performances by various groups and hands-on projects that will hopefully inspire those who attend to create art of their own using a variety of unconventional materials. A new addition for this year will be ‘Spark! After Dark’ – an interactive projection piece by Dance Lighthouse and Digital Light Painting.

The festival is a great opportunity for all sorts of projects (such as the colorful tree sleeves on trees at the center) that can be created or reproduced using the special skills of personnel at local print companies—poster or flyer printing, for example.

It will be held at the Mesa Arts Center, One East Main Street through Sunday, March 23, from noon till 7:00 pm, having got underway yesterday. Tomorrow and Saturday, it will stay open until 10:00 pm.