Foam roller workshop seeks to soothe Chandler residents

August 4, 2012 by  

On Saturday, August 18th, the Foam Roller for Myofacial Release Workshop will be presented by Joyful Yoga Studio located at 3900 West Ray Road in Chandler, Arizona. This event will be start at 1pm and end at 2pm.

This workshop will focus on all the benefits that can be achieved through the use of a deep tissue massaging session. Participants will enjoy a full ninety minutes of exercises, stretches, and self-massage using a foam roller.

During this workshop, various learning techniques will be used that will guide you to a higher level of conscious self-care. Foam rollers are wonderful for stretching tendons and muscles, but also break down scar tissue and adhesion in soft tissues. Trigger points and self massage will be taught as a way to increase the flow of circulation and blood through soft tissues. The workshop instructor for this session is Erin Brisk who will guide guests through the various techniques they can use to relax knotted muscle tissue and release pent up tension, all with the use of a simple foam roller. Hand-outs will be provided during this workshop, so guests can practice what they learn in the comfort of their own homes, as well.

Poster printing and flyer printing may have been used to promote this workshop to people in the community. Admission to this event is $20 prepaid, or $25 at door. This session is open to men and women, and everyone is welcome. For additional information, or to register, please visit Joyful Yoga Studio’s website or call their office at 480-726-6399.