Afternoon of bowling to benefit youth and families in Chandler

June 6, 2013 by  

A bowling alley in Chandler will soon be playing host to a fundraising event for the benefit of local schoolchildren and their families. Print companies may be seeing an increase in business as the organizers of the tournament order flyers and posters in their efforts to recruit participants and sponsors. Adults and children of all ages are invited to turn out for the occasion.

The ‘Fans Bowl-a-Rama’ is being orchestrated by the Fans Across America Foundation, a non-profit group that regularly provides school supplies, toiletries, and clothing for students in Chandler’s public schools whose families are searching for permanent housing. Proceeds from the event will help cover food, transportation, and general living expenses for these young people and their loved ones.

The volunteers who run Fans Across America hope to raise $7,500 at this year’s function. They are still seeking sponsors for the Bowl-a-Rama. Individuals and businesses may register as ‘Big Kahuna’, ‘Super’, or ‘Friends of Fans’ sponsors. All of these parties will receive recognition at the event, although those in the latter category will not actually be required to bowl.

Attendees from the general public will pay a $25 fee to participate. They will also be able to help the cause by entering raffles or pledging to donate $0.25 for each pin they knock down during the game.

The Bowl-a-Rama is scheduled for Sunday, June 23, at the McRay Plaza Lanes (3825 West Ray Road). It will begin at 1:00 pm and end at approximately 3:30 pm. Those wishing to bowl or become sponsors should call (480) 567-4660.