South Charleston schools are ready

November 14, 2012 by  

The impact of the recent Superstorm Sandy and the many other natural disasters of 2012 have only hammered home the importance of having a disaster plan in place.

Schools in West Virginia, including those in South Charleston, are among the only schools in the country that have suitable disaster plans. The state’s schools were recognized by Save the Children – a disaster relief organization that focuses its efforts on children. South Charleston and West Virginia schools are among schools in 17 states that meet the standards put forth by Save the Children.

The schools in West Virginia were recognized by the organization because they have plans in place at all kindergarten through grade 12 schools. The plans allow for care and accommodation of special needs students. The West Virginia school plans also contain details on evacuating students from buildings and reuniting them with their parents.

Since schools and childcare facilities look after children for most of the day, they should have a plan in place to care for those children if a disaster or other event strikes, according to the report from Save the Children. 27 states in the country do not have any rules about preparing a plan to accommodate special needs children during a disaster. Five states do not require schools to have any sort of plan.

West Virginia’s readiness plans are a result of a collaboration between the WV Department of Education, Homeland Security, and Emergency Management office. South Charleston printing companies could be called upon to print up the state’s plans and distribute them to schools and parents.