South Charleston police to drive the message home

April 10, 2013 by  

Police officers in South Charleston and across the state of West Virginia are ready to take action against distracted driving, thanks to a large grant from the National Highway Safety Administration.

The state police has been awarded $168,000 and plans on dividing the money, giving $8,000 to each of the 21 counties that have the most hazardous roads.

Dangerous stretches of road are determined by looking at the number of accidents to occur in the same locations. The 100 most dangerous roads were evaluated based on DUIs and deaths that occurred, but police have reason to believe that distracted driving, such as texting behind the wheel or using a cell phone, also contributed to the high number of accidents in those places. More state troopers will be placed on those roadways in an effort to catch distracted drivers in the act.

The new law and attempts to crack down on distracted driving are being called ‘Operation Chain Reaction’. The hope is that the changes will start a domino effect of completely removing distraction from the roadways. Along with positioning police on the roads, officers could help raise awareness of the new changes by making use of South Charleston flyer printing.

Police are counting using a GPS or any non-hands-free electronic device as being distracted while driving. The law treating using a cell phone or non-hands-free device while driving as a first offense goes into effect on July 1. Fines for people who flout it range between $100 and $300.