Over 30 South Charleston businesses spruce up

October 18, 2012 by  

Businesses throughout South Charleston are making efforts to improve their appearance. The improvements to building’s facades have been ongoing since 2010. As of mid-October, 33 businesses in the downtown area have taken steps to make their facades look nicer.

Building owners have repainted the exteriors of buildings or added new awnings above entryways. For example, the Family Dollar store on D Street, which is owned by D Street LLC, received a new awning. A neighboring building at 600 D Street was given a new coat of paint. One of D Street LLC’s partners, Darrell Rolston, noted that improving the appearance of buildings encourages tenants to rent them, adding that few people want to rent a building that looks worn down.

Sprucing up the exterior also leads to more foot track in the downtown area, which in turn leads to a boost in business. A clean and well-maintained exterior helps a potential customer form an initial impression of a business. A new coat of paint might be the difference between gaining and losing customers.

Working to improve the appearance of buildings in South Charleston also builds a sense of community among business owners and residents. People feel connected in the effort to improve their city.

Improvements to the city’s downtown first kicked off in 2008, when the city provided half a million dollars for improving the streetscapes. Initially, the city also provided grants to building owners who wanted to improve their facades. Today, South Charleston building owners receive a certificate from the city in recognition of their efforts, perhaps bringing on an increase in local stationery printing.