Local museum gets Ohio company on board

September 12, 2013 by  

RSL Commercial Architecture of Cincinnati was the only company to place a bid for the contract to update the State Museum in West Virginia near South Charleston this week.

RSL initially designed and built the museum in 2009, and its new proposal calls for adding animatronics and audio visual displays, making it the venue similar to an attraction at Disney World.

The company submitted a 114-page proposal that listed the enhancements it was ready to make. They included adding an animatronic cardinal to act as a tour guide throughout the museum. “Red,” the cardinal, would be installed at various locations in the building.

State officials have yet to review the proposal, which was submitted on Tuesday, September 10. If they decide they want more proposals, the state could use printing services to advertise for more submissions.

RSL was told to focus on one area of the museum in its proposal; the Wheeling docks exhibition. Currently, the exhibit features a mural and cargo and baggage artifacts. RSL’s vision for the exhibition involves building a part of a riverboat suitable for people to climb onto. Silhouettes of crew members will narrate the story behind the state capital’s move from Wheeling to Charleston.

The company wasn’t required to submit a cost estimate with its proposal. RSL has been behind a number of other animatronic displays at museums and amusement parks. In addition to designing the State Museum, the company has worked on the Little League Museum and the National Museum of Jewish History.