Arts and culture come to South Charleston

January 9, 2013 by  

South Charleston and the surrounding areas of West Virginia are giving visitors and locals a chance to engage in arts and culture.

The West Virginia Division of Culture and History was recently collecting submissions from area dance companies for the 2013 West Virginia State Dance Festival. This year’s festival will take place from April 19 to 21 at the Cultural Center. Both professional and student dance companies were invited to submit applications. The deadline for submissions, January 7, has now passed, however.

Visual artists in South Charleston also had an opportunity to show off their talent. Gallery Eleven was recently accepting works of art of no bigger than 8” x 8”, for its ‘Crazy Eights’ exhibition. The exhibition is non-juried and will run from January 12 through February 23. Gallery Eleven is located at 1025 Quarrier Street in Charleston.

People who enjoy watching performance have the chance to enjoy dinner and a show on January 11, when the South Charleston Chamber of Commerce presents ‘The Butler Didn’t Do It’ – a piece of murder-mystery dinner theater comedy. South Charleston flyer printing could be made use of to promote the performance, the proceeds of which will support the Chamber of Commerce.

‘The Butler Didn’t Do It’ will be performed by the Murder and Merriment Troupe from Huntington. In the show, it is the butler who is the murder victim. Dinner theater guests need to figure out who committed the murder and may win a prize. The show costs $35 to attend and The performance takes place at Comedy Zone at the Holiday Inn at 400 Second Avenue at 7:00 pm.