Animal shelter near South Charleston to open next month

July 18, 2013 by  

Across the country, animal shelters are nearly full with pets brought in by owners who can no longer care for them, for a range of reasons. The same is true in Putnam County, West Virginia, near South Charleston, where a new shelter is set to open in the middle of August.

The area’s existing animal shelter was constructed in 1986 and was originally intended to be a temporary facility. Despite that, more than 25 years later, the facility is still operating as the main animal shelter for the county. According to Jon Davis, chief humane officer, around 20 pets are brought into the shelter each day during the summer. The current space is unable to handle the demands placed on it.

Originally, the new shelter was scheduled to open in June, but its opening had to be pushed back nearly two months because of design issues with the building. Once open, the new shelter will be able to house nearly double the number of dogs and cats. Currently, the shelter can hold 17 cats and 35 dogs. The new space will have room for 35 cats and 55 dogs. The county could use printing services to announce the opening of the new shelter and to provide pet owners with tips for responsible pet ownership.

Along with offering more space, the new shelter will also protect pets from infectious diseases. Each kennel will be divided by a concrete wall, so that dogs do not come in direct contact with each other. New pets brought in will be kept separate from the rest of the shelter’s population until it is determined that they are free of disease.