Graphic Design in Norfolk

Graphic design in Norfolk, Virginia, is a process and a tool to help businesses and residents alike reach potential customers with appropriate material. Norfolk is an interesting city with a strong military presence and major industry as well. The biggest Navy base on earth is here (Naval Station Norfolk), and the Maersk Line, which manages vessels flying the U.S. flag, is headquartered here as is the Norfolk Southern Railway. The area is noted for three bridge-tunnels, the only such constructs in the U.S. At Minuteman Press, we enjoy exploring the many facets of this seaport.

Graphic design encompasses almost every product or communication imaginable. Unless someone writes a sign by hand and puts it up, it’s hard to think of something that isn’t designed. Stationery, cards, product labels, websites, magazines, books – the appearance of all these various products is the work of graphic designers.

Graphic designers have a number of tools to help them craft their products, including computer programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. They can also use texture, color and shape in the works, or add illustrations – either drawings or photos. What they choose and how they apply it depends on the way the company wants its message depicted. For instance, a company that sells motor oil won’t have the same approach as one that arranges flowers. Not only are the products different, so are the customers, and the design must reflect that.

Graphic design in Norfolk can work for major corporations and small companies alike. Please stop by or give us a call at Minuteman Press today for your free quote.