Custom Drinkware in Oak Ridge

Custom drinkware in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, gives organizations here a unique method of contacting potential customers. Oak Ridge is famous as the site where the Manhattan Project took place—the effort to develop materials that were intended to be used in the first atomic bomb. The project gave Oak Ridge its nickname—“The Atomic City.” When you need custom drinkware to use in your advertising, talk to our team at Minuteman Press.

A promotional item, custom drinkware is a class of products that numbers in the thousands. Promotions are very effective; much more so than canvas advertising. A study done in 2004 revealed that nearly three-fourths of a group had received a promotional product in the past year – and about a third had it with them. 76 percent of them could remember the company, but only slightly more than half could remember the name of an advertiser they’d seen for the first time in the last week.

Custom drinkware can be made of glass or plastic with a company’s name and logo on it. Like all promotional products, promotions are successful because they’re useful. Each time a consumer drinks from a glass with a company name on it, they’re reminded of the organization.

Custom drinkware in Oak Ridge can work for any company in The Atomic City. If you need glassware for your outreach efforts, please visit us or call Minuteman Press today for your free quote.