Quality quilts to be found in Memphis

October 11, 2012 by  

The 15th annual Davies Manor Quilt and Fiber Arts Show will take place at the start of next month, with several quilts on display during the day and vendors selling items that will be of interest to quilt fans and those who create with fiber.

Vendors can rent indoor or outdoor space for $15 or $25 if they require electricity, while organizations of more than 3 people can rent space for $50. Vendors will be encouraged to provide demonstrations to the public and will also no doubt be working with Memphis printing companies to prepare for the show. Banner printing services could be used provide a banner that can be hung over a table or a tent to draw attention to the merchandise being offered, as is common at this kind of event. The organizers also will probably be working with those same printing companies in order to advertise this annual show to the community.

Among the quilts that will be on display during the Quilt and Fiber Arts Show will be 40 winning quilts from the 2012 Hoffman Challenge. This is an annual competition which has taken place for 24 years, where competitors design a quilt following a certain theme, with this year’s being lavender. The challenge has separate divisions for quilts, clothing, and dolls. In the quilt, division there are categories for pieced quilts, appliqued quilts, and mixed technique quilts. The winning quilts tour the United States, appearing at various quilt and arts and crafts shows.

The Memphis quilt display takes place from November 2 – 4 throughout the manor grounds. For more information, call 901-386-0715.