Find treasures at the Memphis Flea Market

January 16, 2012 by  

The Memphis Flea Market is held on the third weekend of every month at the Agricenter International. The next one will be taking place on January 21-22. Admission is $3 and free for children 12 and under.

The Memphis Flea Market is also known as “The Big One.” It features over 500 dealers, has room for 1,000 and draws over 10,000 visitors each day. Free parking is available and there are a variety of food concession stands.

The flea market features almost everything and anything you could want. Among the vendors are those selling macramé, woodcrafts, collectibles, clothing, lighting, household items and every fruits and vegetables. Flea markets are often great places to find unique and inexpensive items to add to collections, to dress yourself or to decorate your home.

T-shirts are also a popular item to be sold at the flea market. These can be from national t-shirt manufacturers or they could be locally produced t-shirts. Printing companies in Memphis are often called upon to print t-shirts for the tourist trade and probably also for those who wish to sell at the Memphis Flea Market.

Renting a table at the flea market could be a very good business decision to make. For one thing, it is relatively inexpensive advertising; pricing is $91 or $96 plus $6 per table for the entire weekend. Secondly, over 10,000 people will have access to your products and they will no doubt mention you to friends if they like what they see.