New members to be added to Rockabilly Hall of Fame this summer

July 10, 2013 by  

The International Rockabilly Music Festival is taking place in Jackson for three days this August. The event is known as the world’s largest Rockabilly gathering and was created in celebration of Carl Perkins.

The festival takes place at the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame and guests will be coming from as far away as Sweden and Norway. In fact, several Swedish artists will be added to the Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame at a ceremony during the festival, including Rockfolket, Janne Lucas Persson, and the Topcats Band.

There will be many musical artists performing at the festival including Rockfolket, the Ulf Nilsson and the Cadillac Band, C. W. Gatlin, and Bobby Joe Swilley. In addition, a stained glass window in honor of the Cadillac Band will be unveiled to those in attendance. It should be a great event for the rockabilly fan and for those who simply want to learn about this popular genre of music.

Jackson printing companies will no doubt be helping the organizers to get the word out about the festival. This will probably include posters and flyers to be used in marketing campaigns. In addition, it is likely they helped with the printing of items in the gift shop including T-shirts and baseball caps.

The International Rockabilly Music Festival will take place at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Jackson from August 8-10. Tickets are $25 and cover the entire three days. For more information about the festival, call 731-217-3350.